How Much Would Jurassic Park Cost to Build?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some enthusiastic YouTube men have done the rudimentary maths involved in the cost of pitching a real Jurassic Park, coming to the conclusion that it'd have to crush current Kickstarter records to actually get built. Shenmue III is more likely to happen.

The rapidly edited video voiced by digital natives may be too much for some older readers to tolerate, so we'll condense it a little. They estimate $10bn for the Costa Rican paradise islands, which sounds a bit much so perhaps site it off the coast of Scotland instead. They allow $7.9m for annual staffing costs, $25m for developing the cloning tech, $1.5bn for park construction costs, trucks, coffee shops etc, and extra funds to pay ongoing operating costs.

Here, as they would say, is the math:

The math/maths is a bit simple. Disney spends $11.7bn on its operations per year, so that's how much they suggest running the daily logistics of Jurassic Park for real would cost. Plus San Diego Zoo apparently spends $207m a year on feeding its animals -- so that's how much they've allowed for feeding the dinosaurs, even though the cost of shipping thousands of dead cows to a Costa Rican island is likely to be vast.

Again, they'd be better off building it in Scotland, where there's an abundance of locally produced lamb, beef and venison to feed them on.

The estimated sum total cost of Jurassic Park therefore comes to $23.4bn to build plus $11bn of annual costs, although they've not allowed for one-off expenses like law suits from the families of dismembered visitors. [YouTube]