Kauza Wall Pictures Make a Dazzling Light Show of Your Bare Walls

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The way we decorate the walls of our homes is something that very much grows and evolves with us. As kids, it's a felt tip scribble that has our parents tearing their hair out. As teenagers, it's that poster of the punk rock band we're ripping our jeans up for in an attempt to imitate. As adults, things get a little more sophisticated. That's where Kauza comes in.

A high-tech design and lighting company, Kauza creates unique pictures that are brought to life with a combination of LED backlights and sensors, pulsing based on what's going on around them.

Deep canvases feature intricate cutaway designs, each embedded with LEDs capable of displaying millions of colours. With the Kauza creations equipped with both motion and sound sensors, these lights can be programmed to spring to life with a wave of an arm or a person's entrance into a room, or even to the beat of a song. Bluetooth connectivity lets the pictures communicate with your smartphone too, giving the owner control over subtleties like sensor sensitivity and light intensity.

As for the designs, Kauza offers something to cater for all tastes, from abstract patterns right through to portraits – there's a striking one of Steve Jobs for Apple fans, for example.

Kauza is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to turn its vision for futuristic interior design into a reality, looking to raise €30,000 in funding. From as little as €80 you can grab one of the LED-equipped pieces (just €12 gets you a light-free version). So check out the Kickstarter and give your home decorations a taste of the future. [Kauza]