London Tests Remote Limiting Tools to Stop Buses Speeding

By Gary Cutlack on at

A small test group of London's buses are to be fitted with a GPS-linked speed monitoring tool, one designed to make sure its drivers can never break the speed limits when ferrying people about town.

The system hooks into Transport for London's Digital Speed Limit Map, a tool that tells things out on the road exactly what the limit is in any part of the city. It'll be operated in any 20, 30 and 40 zones across the routes, with the system stopping the driver from speeding should he spot an empty bit of road and try to go for it.

47 buses will start testing the automatic limiting scheme from next month, with the 19 and 486 routes the first to get the technology; lines that were chosen for their diverse speed limits and numerous fasty/slowy sections that tempt drivers into pushing a bit too hard.

London's Deputy Mayor for Transport Isable Dedring said: "...with nearly 9,000 buses on the capital’s roads it’s clear they have a major role to play in continuing improvements in road safety. This trial is a great example of how we’re harnessing innovation and new technology that will aide bus drivers on the job and help to improve the safety of other road users." [Standard]