Lucky Guy Finds Treasure Trove of 1970s Lego in Discarded Bag

By Andrew Liszewski on at

In Switzerland, it’s apparently common for people to leave out bags of stuff they don’t want for others to take, instead of throwing it all in the rubbish. And when a writer over on Brick Fanatics found a sack of miscellaneous Lego, when he got home he was surprised to find it actually included classic sets, manuals, and catalogues dating back to the 1970s.

Lucky guy finds a treasure trove of classic '70s Lego in a discarded bag

It’s not every day you accidentally stumble across Lego sets that are close to 44 years old, and in such good condition as these are. And while the older models and pieces are understandably a lot simpler than what you’ll find on shop shelves today, there isn’t a Lego collector out there who wouldn’t trade a mountain of modern bricks for these classic sets. [Brick Fanatics]

Photos by Brick Fanatics

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