Make Your Own Fury Road-Style Flamethrower Ukulele

By Maddie Stone on at

The flamethrower guitar was definitely one of the coolest bits of tech in Mad Max: Fury Road. But why should Doof Warriors on the post-apocalyptic warpath have all the fun? With an afternoon to spare and a good life insurance policy, you can be the proud owner of a fire-breathing instrument, too.

Warning: The project described in the video below is very, very dangerous. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Admittedly, in terms of its badass factor, a ukulele is a teensy step down from an electric guitar. But if you’re on a budget, this is nonetheless an impressive DIY project, and one that’s sure to pay itself back in entertainment value many times over. (Unless, of course, you accidentally light your neighbour’s house on fire, in which case, well, you knew the risks). Enjoy.