Man Eats Glastonbury Tickets in Prank Gone Wrong

By James O Malley on at

If you're off to Glastonbury, make sure you've got everything you need. Tent? Check. Wellingtons? Check. Tickets? Umm...

According to the Central Somerset Gazette one aspiring reveller made the mistake of trying to pull a prank on his girlfriend where he'd pretend to eat the tickets. "If true", the Gazette rightly says, the man scanned the tickets and made photocopies. But all did not go well: he ate the real tickets by mistake.

"But I did it to the real tickets by mistake! One of them I completely swallowed and the other one has a bite taken out of it. Do you think well still get in if I explain and take the scans?", he is quoted as having written on Facebook.

"I suppose they tasted better than expected yes but that's not the point! Wtf am I going to do! My girlfriend still thinks I swallowed the scans."

So it looks as though the pair could be swapping the Pyramid Stage for a weekend of awkward passive aggression about what could have been. But at least there's a promising future as a master forger perhaps.