Man Who Dug His Own Grave Dies

By James O Malley on at

Twelve years ago Eric Scott-Parker from Leicestershire dug his own grave - and now is finally due to be buried in it next week, after dying a week short of his 80th birthday.

The Leicester Mercury reports that he also had his own six-foot-two-inch-long ash coffin made and slept with it at the foot of his bed for many years, creating a tonal nightmare for anyone writing about the story, unclear whether it should be treated as sad or funny news.

The coffin will apparently be drawn by two black horses to All Saints Church in Long Whatton. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he has been described as "eccentric".

Brilliantly, the Mercury interviewed him back in 2003 when the story first emerged, and he explained his reasoning for digging his grave in advance: "Death doesn't worry me, but when I go, I don't want there to be any fuss. I want everything ready and paid for.

"I had already reserved a plot but the graveyard is filling up and I didn't fancy being surrounded by other folk, so I asked if I could be buried near the boundary under an old yew tree."

According to one local councillor "He said he wanted to dig it near a yew tree in the graveyard and dug the hole himself to make sure no roots were in the way."

Another added "Everybody thought it was typical of Eric to do something like dig his own grave."

So perhaps this is an uplifting story: If you follow your dreams and you too could eventually achieve them after the cold embrace of death. [Leicester Mercury]