Marvel's Star Wars Comic Just Dropped a Bombshell Change in Canon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Anyone who actually gives half a damn about the Star Wars franchise will know that Disney's acquisition of the franchise came with a complete wipe of the expanded universe canon. They'll also know that we're in the infancy of a brand new continuity, and some of it is being delivered by the Disney-owned Marvel Comics.

Those comics just introduced a huge change in canon, something that might have the fanboys going a bit mental.

Careful, spoilers are ahead.




Ready? Ok then, here goes. It turns out that loveable rogue Han Solo is already married to someone who's not called Leia Organa. Meet Sana Solo.

The New, In-Canon Star Wars Comic Just Did Something Completely Insane


So what does this mean for Han and Leia? As io9 points out, getting a divorce is out of the question since Han would have to get that from the Empire. Being a wanted rebel slash smuggler, it clear that's not going to happen.

This comic series takes places between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, so Han and Leia haven't really shacked up yet. So maybe Han isn't some sort of adulterer after all. Or maybe this isn't actually his wife, it could be a crazy person or even an ex-wife who decided not to let go of the name. Whatever the reason, you can tell Han isn't exactly happy to see Sana turn up out of the blue.

I just miss the old uncomplicated canon where Han and Leia got married and had three children. At least Chewie isn't dead anymore. [Comic Book Resources via io9]