Meantime Brewing Launches 360-Degree Virtual Reality Tour

By James O Malley on at

Craft brewing company Meantime has launched a 360-degree "virtual reality" tour of its brewery, giving drinkers a behind-the-scenes look at how their booze is made.

The tour is apparently being designed for use on the Samsung Galaxy VR headset, though you can also view the tour on the Meantime website, complete with click-and-drag video.

The video is narrated by accredited Meantime beer sommelier and tour guide Jethro Holman, and Meantime says that "the virtual tour guides you through an in-depth yet accessible overview of the brewing process from grain to glass. Featuring pop-up on screen visuals and infographics, users will be digitally transported to the heart of the Meantime brewery. Experiencing everything from milling in, fermentation, maturation and kegging".

Sadly the video doesn't continue to follow the process through to drinking, more drinking, being sick, and drunken regret.

It is very cleverly constructed though. So if you're a craft beer drinker hold on to your handlebar moustache, grip your fixie bike tight – and enter a world of virtual reality!