Microsoft Fits Oculus Rift With "Sharper" 3D Printed Lenses

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft has released a 3D printer schematic for carving a new lens for Oculus Rift, claiming the headset's current lenses warp the worlds they portray and that its DIY alternative lessen the "lens distortion" seen by wearers.

The initiative, released via Microsoft's LensFactory research division, claims users should see a visual clarity that's "...significantly better than the lenses that come with the Oculus," with the output resulting in a smaller field of view but one that's apparently sharper and generating less chromatic aberration.

Although there are some caveats. Microsoft hasn't exactly cut any corners when it comes to apparently improving the Oculus Rift's output, with the Oculus Rift HMD Lens it specs out being made from a costlier lens piece that features an anti-reflection coating, plus it's obviously using quite a high-end piece of 3D printing hardware.

Here's a comparison of visual quality, provided by Microsoft:

Who wouldn't want that pressed up against their faces for 16 hours a day? Microsoft warns that users may struggle to get similar results at home, though, suggesting that "hobbyist" FDM 3D printers might not generate the same results. Still, perhaps that's an excuse to get a better 3D printer to sit alongside your Oculus Rift in the Batcave. [The Register]