Microsoft Humours Glaswegians With Bespoke Local Cortana Ad

By Gary Cutlack on at

Microsoft's put in quite an effort into limiting damage in part of Glasgow this week, after it was hugely mocked on the internet for a wildly inappropriate bit of advertising. It's created an advert solely for the benefit of one man to right an awkward social wrong.

Last month, an advert for the company's Cortana search and assistance tool in which it said that "Cortana can remind you to see if James is up for the cricket this weekend" was given a sound kicking online, with original tweeter Chris adding the commentary "...said nobody in the East End of Glasgow ever" and winning the internet for one entire day.

Microsoft has now responded to Chris's social media victory with a bespoke ad at the very same bus stop. The ad reads: "Cortana, next time I speak with Chris, remind me not to mention the cricket." Here's the new ad, in the same position, and aimed at the extremely small demographic of just one person:


That's quite clever. Even Chris is happy about it. Expensive and a bit of a vanity thing to do for Microsoft, but an entirely modern response to being the internet laughing stock of the day. [The Drum]