Microsoft Kills the Hated "Modern" Skype Windows 8 App

By James O Malley on at

Brilliant news for Windows 8 users: no longer will you have to use the hideous "Modern" Skype app, as Microsoft has announced it is reverting to the traditional "Desktop" version ahead of the launch of Windows 10.

Skype is dressing up the U-turn as an "efficiency" move; one that gives users only one app instead of two, though anyone who has ever tried to use the full-screen mess will be fully aware that the real reason is that the Metro-UI app is "crap".

In a blog post the company says "With the upcoming release of Windows 10 for PCs, it makes sense to use the Skype application optimised for mouse and keyboards use, capable of doing touch as well rather than 2 separate applications performing the same function."

From July 7th Windows users who try to use the Modern app will be redirected and forced to install the desktop app if they want to talk to anyone. The move makes a lot of sense: when Windows 10 launches on July 29th it will restore many features that will be familiar to the traditional Windows OS, including the Start menu and applications running in, umm, separate windows.