Microsoft's New Phone Costs About As Much a Drink at a Fancy Bar

By Darren Orf on at

Cheap smartphones don’t have to suck, but Microsoft’s updated Nokia 105 is on a whole other level compared to some of the budget-friendly phones you might be considering. This feature phone is just $20/£13.

£13(ish)! Think of all the things you can buy for £13 that kind of suck. That can get you like...two tickets to a bad Michael Bay movie (if you’re lucky) or the Troll 2 on Blu-Ray on eBay. Or you could buy a whole PHONE from Microsoft. Pretty crazy.

This is the drug-dealer phone to end all drug-dealer phones. This update to the 105 replaces the previous one, which also cost just two portraits of Darwin to acquire. The phone is obviously for emerging markets—it only sports 2G speeds, and has a 1.4-inch colour display and minimal memory. But it does have a standby life of 35 days and dual-sim capability along with a replaceable battery.

So yeah, this phone is a neat little guy. Then again, so is a sazerac. [Microsoft via The Next Web]