Mosh Sensibly at Download Festival or Facial Recognition Cameras Will Report You

By Gary Cutlack on at

Fans attending the Download Festival this weekend might want to calm down on the satanic hand gestures a bit, as it's emerged that local police have installed security cameras at the event -- and will be matching mugshots with criminal databases to see if anyone badder than usual is in attendance.

The news first appeared in the Police Oracle, which claimed that "strategically placed cameras" will be dotted throughout the grounds of the mainstream rock event. The report quoted Leicestershire Police DC Kevin Walker as saying that the system will "...scan faces at the Download Festival site in Donington before comparing [them] with a database of custody images from across Europe."

According to The Register, which checked with the Leicestershire Police force and asked it awkward questions via a Freedom of Information request, it won't be quite as invasive as that sounds -- it'll only compare facial data of attendees with images held locally. Which suggests that wanted people on the run in the Leicestershire region may do well to avoid getting themselves up the front of the Slipknot gig, lest they be spotted and carted off to face justice for numerous parking violations.

You also need an RFID "Dog Tag" to get around the event and pay for things, which means your burger-buying habits will be populating an advertiser's database somewhere in the someone's cloud. [The Register]

Image credit: Download