Moto X 3 or III or (2015) Spotted in Alleged Wood-backed Leak

By Gary Cutlack on at

A couple of images claiming to show this year's update of Motorola's high-end Moto X mobile have appeared online, fleshing out previous rumours -- and comments from Lenovo itself -- that some new Motorola mobiles are about to arrive.

The leak is a bit of a low-res mess, to be fair, with the source releasing his secret goods in the odd format of two YouTube videos containing a couple of photos each, which he then scrolls around endlessly. The maker of the clips says he has a prototype Moto X phone of sorts in his hands, explaining: "I have the whole device in actual pics. We are working to clean up all identifying marks off the phone, and blurring the wood back. I have to blur the wood as that is the biggest identifying mark."

And he did indeed manage the pretty amazing task of blurring wood grain, uploading a pixelated second video of a couple of photos of the phone. This clip also contained masked details from a benchmarking app, which show that the next-gen Moto X may come with a 5.64-inch display, running at 1440 x 2560 resolution and with 3GB of RAM inside its wood-option back -- although PhoneArena says the 5.64-incher may be a network exclusive and the regular Moto X model is likely to have a 5.2-inch screen. [PhoneArena]