Netflix UK Demands an Extra 50p a Month From New Subbers

By Gary Cutlack on at

The South American internet harvest crisis is having a knock-on effect on the prices we pay for internet services here in the UK, with the global shortage of cheap internets forcing TV and film supplier Netflix to up its prices by 50p a month for all new subscribers.

Those who are yet to sign up to the popular streaming site now face the prospect of finding £7.49 a month for access to the Standard option with its HD streams and two simultaneous account users, with the price rise already factored in on the service's account data page.

You can of course still pay £5.99 for a non-HD entry level account that's limited to just one live user per subscription if you have a rubbish internet connection, plus there's still the usual "free" first month for new subscribers to binge-watch everything through. But for the middle of the road option, it'll be an extra 50p from now on. Something to factor in when updating your data-for-bucks streaming media provider spreadsheet for use in 2015.

You'd think with new arrivals like Porn Time on the media streaming scene it'd be cutting its prices to stay competitive, not raising them. [Netflix via Engadget]