New 1TB PlayStation 4 is Coming

By Gerald Lynch on at

500GB. 500 measly gigabytes. From the moment the PS4 and Xbox One specs were announced, we all knew that a 500GB hard drive wouldn't be able to contain our libraries of games, with the latest console's requiring mandatory game installations. Some of us went and bought bigger external drives for the Xbox One, but the PS4 could only have its capacity increased by installing a fresh internal drive, which may be a tinker too far for those that have just shelled out a few hundred quid on the console.

Ahead of this month's E3 conference however, it seems Sony is looking to address the call for a more capacious console. Certification documents submitted by Sony to the US Federal Communications Commission (spotted by Dualshockers) appear to show a 1TB PlayStation 4 console is in the works.

A second console is also listed in the submission, though this seems to merely another 500GB unit using refreshed, cheaper components, which still require FCC clearance.

There's not much more than that to go on at the moment, and Sony have yet to officially announce anything (let's be honest, you're not going to hear official word on this until at least the doors at E3 open). But it's a welcome move nonetheless -- PS4 games are increasingly sizeable (the recent Grand Theft Auto 5 port's install size accounts for more than 10 per cent of my console's hard drive usage), and with the PS Plus service encouraging us to install all those freebie games each month, it can become a juggling act as to which titles to leave on your machine at any given time. [Dualshockers]