New Moto 360 and Motorola Smartphones Likely to Launch This Summer

By Gary Cutlack on at

The new boss of Motorola has said there may be some Lenovo-made Moto products on the way this year, saying we could expect some "phones and watches" from the tech maker some time during the summer.

The quote comes from Lenovo's chief exec Yang Yuanqing, who was speaking at the TechWorld event in Beijing. He said: "We have many new models in development with the Moto brands, so you may see in summer us launching some very exciting products, including phones and watches."

And there's good news for the masses of fans who use the company's superb little Moto G and Moto E phones to get a stock Android experience on the cheap, as Lenovo's global sales boss Colin Giles says it's staying stock, explaining: "There are no plans to start launching operating systems other than Android. One of the key differentiators for us is the pure Android experience, and we're deeply proud of that, because we believe it brings a much better software experience to consumers, and faster upgrades."

So an Android M powered Moto G could well be on the cards for 2015 from Lenovorola after all, despite the awkwardness of being dumped by Google after such a short relationship. [Telegraph]