Nintendo's Next NX Handheld Console Does NOT Run On Android

By Gerald Lynch on at

With the Wii U struggling and its 3DS handhelds sprinting to keep up with an ever-changing mobile gaming landscape, a lot is resting on Nintendo's recently announced next-generation handheld games console, the NX. Yesterday, an interesting rumour circulated suggesting the handheld may be running a forked version of Google's Android operating system. However, that's a rumour that's now been categorically dismissed by the company.

Speaking to WSJ, a Nintendo spokesperson said "there is no truth to the report saying that we are planning to adopt Android for NX."

It's a shame really -- ever since the disappointment that was the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, many have hoped for a device that would combine the best of a mobile phone with the fun of a dedicated handheld games console. The NX could have been just that, bridging the gap between smartphones and the classic GameBoy, with Nintendo ensuring that the gaming apps were a cut above Angry Birds, et al. It would also have allowed for developers to easily jump onboard, and perhaps for even some timely ports of the better parts of the Android Play gaming section. That, however, now seems a remote possibility.

Still, the Nintendo / smartphone gaming dream lives on with the company's partnership with DeNA, the mobile gaming publisher which is working with the Mario masters to make a wave of brand new smartphone gaming experiences. Though there's no announcement yet to suggest that fan-favourite Nintendo characters will be a part of this push, you're more likely to hear about this aspect of Nintendo's future business plans at E3 than of the NX -- Nintendo executives have cautioned not to expect any further NX news until 2016. [WSJ via Wired]