Nitrous Oxide Enthusiasts Plan "Mass Inhalation" Event in London

By Gary Cutlack on at

The operators of the Psychedelic Society are up in arms, and it's not just a hallucination. They're furious over the possible banning of nitrous oxide under the looming Psychoactive Substances Bill and are planning a public protest in Parliament Square on August 1st. Anyone can come along and huff a balloon in the name of political activism.

The event organisers explain: "we should be free to buy, sell and use whatever substances we want, so long as we do so responsibly and without harming others. These are our bodies, our minds, and it should be up to us what we do with them. We'll charge our balloons, and as the clock strikes 3pm, we'll all inhale together in a sea of coloured rubber to send the message: MY MIND, MY CHOICE!"

The society already organises "bring and share" picnics for curious eaters of weird things to have a taste or smell of someone else's (presumably) legal-high stash. This larger event wants to highlight the fact that "possession of a psychoactive substance with intent to supply" could soon become illegal, should the bill pass, meaning a seemingly blanket ban on anything other than booze and cigarettes could turn popular laughing gas illegal. [Psychedelic Society via Standard]

Image credit: Laughing gas from Shutterstock