Now Android Can Control Windows With Intel's New App

By James O Malley on at

Intel has released a new app that will let you control any PC, from Windows 7 upwards, with your Android device acting as the mouse and keyboard.

Intel, which is better known for making hardware, has created the app to support devices like the intel Computer Stick, which squeezes a whole PC onto something the size of a dongle. The idea is that you can plug it into your TV and, say, use it to watch videos, without needing a massive box sat underneath. Thanks to the app, you'll no longer need to leave a keyboard and mouse in the living room too.

The good news is that you don't even have to be using a Computer Stick to use it, as it'll work on any Windows machine. So if you fancy sitting back and not being tethered to your keyboard, this could be a good solution.

The app isn't massively unique. Other apps such as AirKeyboard have been doing this for many years, but it is interesting to see a big company like Intel wade in and offer a solution too.

You can grab it now from the Google Play store. [The Next Web]