Now Wales is Banning Ecigs Too

By Gary Cutlack on at

The war on potentially hazardous forms of modern fun is really turning on ecigs at the moment, with Wales set to join others in England in banning the plastic chemical inhalers from public places.

The law change will see ecigs banned in all enclosed public spaces and workplaces by the regional government in Cardiff, as the supposedly less-bad-for-you vapourisers suffer the same blanket ban as their old fire-based forerunners suffer across the UK.

The move's coming as part of an attempt to improve the health of the people of Wales, with the law change also set to introduce the compulsory licensing of tattooing, acupuncture and body piercing businesses, alongside a ban on handing over nicotine and tobacco products to under-18s -- hindering home delivery and internet shopping options.

There will also be a need for local authorities to publish a "local toilets strategy" to make sure they're not all closed and turned into coffee shops.

Welsh health and social services minister, Mark Drakeford, said: "The Welsh Government has a responsibility to create the conditions which enable people to live healthy lives and avoid preventable harm to their health. Wales has a strong tradition of using legislation to improve public health and I am confident the measures in the Public Health Bill will continue this." [Welsh Government via Guardian]

Image credit: Ecigs from Shutterstock