Now You Can Register .sucks Domain Names

By James O Malley on at

Phew, we made it to Monday without the entire corporate world melting down.

At midnight yesterday, a new Top-Level-Domain (TLD) went live, joining the ranks of .com, .org and newer upstarts like .london. Now you can register domains with the suffix ".sucks".

The TLD has big corporations terrified as it means we could soon see websites like Coke.Sucks, PlayStation.Sucks or BT.Sucks shoot up the Google rankings.

According to The Register there have already been allegations that the registrar of the domains, Vox Populi, is behaving in a predatory fashion. In other words, it is alleged to be doing the virtual equivalent of saying "Nice brand you've got here... it'd be an awful shame if something were to happen to it", while brandishing a baseball bat.

Vox Populi refutes this though, arguing that the new TLD could help consumer advocacy groups campaign together by providing a single focal point, and is even planning to subsidise the hosting of discussion forums for customers of certain companies and products.

So far, no .sucks websites appear to have gone live, but it'll be interesting to see what gets the virtual finger wag of disapproval first. [El Reg]