Now Your Pizza Hut Box is a (Sort of) Film Projector

By Maddie Stone on at

Pizza and film-watching are perfect partners. But physically merging pizza and films? That seems ill-advised.

Nevertheless, that’s what Pizza Hut has gone ahead and done, at least in Hong Kong, where some of the chain’s pizzas arrive sizzling in special boxes that transform into shitty, pseudo film-projectors. Simply pop out the perforated cardboard circle and insert the “pizza projector” — a specially modded pizza table — into the hole. You can then slip your smartphone inside the pizza box (I know, this idea just keeps getting better!) and the contraption will blow up your phone’s display onto a nearby wall.

Sound quality? Whatever your greased-up phone manages to pump through the pizza box’s walls, naturally. That’s part of the fun!

IMO the most interesting part of this box is that it comes with a QR code for a digital film download. Personally, I think Pizza Hut could have left the innovating there. But if you live in Hong Kong, and feel bold enough to give the whole experience a try, please do leave a comment and let the rest of us know how it goes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m suddenly craving pizza.

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