Of Course Someone Hacked Flappy Bird Onto the Apple Watch

By Chris Mills on at

Given that Flappy Bird is basically the perfect smartwatch game (quick, easy to control, detrimental to your dignity), it was only a matter of time until someone hacked the world’s most maddening game onto the world’s most expensive digital timepiece.

Since the release of watchOS 2 at WWDC, developers have had more of a chance to build proper native apps for the Apple Watch, rather than the half-arsed versions that exist currently. In this case, developer Hamza Sood managed to hack together a clone, seemingly called NanoFlappy, onto the Apple Watch using the touchscreen or digital crown to control flight, and piping the sounds through the Watch’s tinny little speaker.

Although the game looks even harder on the tiny screen, and the physics a little ropey, smartwatch Flappy Bird is a harbinger of something much better in the future: real, third-party apps for the Apple Watch. Let’s just hope that we get something more than Snake clones. [Twitter via Redmond Pie]