'Orange is the New Black' Fuels Dirty Pants Sales Frenzy

By Gary Cutlack on at

A plot point in Netflix's Orange is the New Black streaming series is apparently fuelling a boom in the secondhand underwear industry, with ladies realising that sad men will pay over the odds for lingerie when it's supplied pre-worn and being bought for themselves.

According to an investigation by Vice, used panties sales are skyrocketing thanks to Orange Is the New Black featuring the practise, with Google Trends showing an explosion in people searching for the term "sell used panties" and other associated terms.

The operator of niche, er, clothing shop Panty Deal told Vice that user registrations rocketed nearly ten-fold in the days following the airing of the particular episode of OITNB, as men, their desires for pre-worn undergarments awakened, headed online to find that, fortuitously, the internet catered for that particular desire.

Panty Deal's Paul Richter said of the underwear bonanza: "Because of Orange Is the New Black, it's crazy right now. It's a great second income," adding that around 1,000 people registered with the site on one day following the niche fetish's use as a TV plot device.

But beware, all might not be as it seems. They might be cat hairs, for example, as online sex-seller MissBeaHaven says that "...saliva, snot, or other random substances" are often used to dirty up pants, to quicken-up the pre-sale processes.

If it really takes off as a sex thing, perhaps Foxconn could get onboard to mass produce stained underwear. [Vice]