Over 40? Ubble Test Lets You Find Out if You Will be Dead in Five Years

By James O Malley on at

Having a good day? Isn't the weather nice? Now how about putting those happy thoughts aside and contemplating your mortality? How about taking the Ubble test...

Scientists have today launched a new tool that will help you calculate how likely it is that you will die in the next 5 years. You have to be aged between 40 and 70 for it to work - so if you're older, I'm sorry, its already too late.

Take the Ubble Test

Ubble is based on data from research by Andrea Ganna (Karolinska Institutet and Uppsala University) and Erik Ingelsson (Uppsala University). The data comes from the UK Biobank, which researchers have assembled into a massive dataset of over 500,000 people. The Ubble researchers take over 655 variables into account when calculating the likelihood of you dying, so you can be re-assured (!) that it should be fairly accurate. (Though the organisation is keen to point out it isn't offering medical advice.)

On the Ubble website, you can fill in a question to get your score - as well as view the "association explorer", to see how some of the calculations were made. For example, there's the "C-Index" that figures out how useful each variable is at predicting your death - apparently for men, walking pace is a better predictor than how much exercise you do.

After the survey, you'll be given your "Ubble age" - which if it is higher than your real age, you're at more risk of dying than the average person, and if lower then that's good news for you.

So go check it out. And hey, if it is bad news, then that's a good excuse to get to work on your bucket list, right? [Ubble]