People are More Interested in the iPod than the Apple Watch

By James O Malley on at

This could be pretty awkward for Apple. It appears that more people are interested in the old iPod still than they are in the Apple Watch.

According to an analysis by Andy Hargreaves from Pacific Crest, who has taken the Google Trends data, searches for iPod still outweigh the Apple Watch significantly, despite the massive hype around launch.

The two spikes on the above graph (which still didn't surpass iPad searches) are from when Watch pre-orders began and when the Watch was actually released. The lack of interest would also tally with anecdotal evidence (so not proper evidence) of there simply not being as much interest in the new device. Hargreaves reckons that Apple will miss its target of selling 24 million watches in fiscal year 2016.

According to Giz UK's own scientific research, it appears that Google searches for "Apple Watch" are roughly the same as though for "llama" (see above). [Business Insider via BGR]