PlayStation's Vue Service Now Lets Users Pay for Individual TV Channels 

By Chris Mills on at

Sony’s alternative to cable TV, Playstation Vue, has been available in select US cities for a few months now: Chicago, New York, and Philadelphia. But it’s been just that: cable TV without the cable. Users still had to pay at least $50 per month for a bundle of channels. Well, starting in July, all that’s going to change.

At its E3 event in the wee hours of the GMT morning, the Sony exec on stage dropped a small bombshell: real on-demand programming, allowing you to only pay for particular channels, without having to buy the bundle. There’s no word on pricing or channel availability just yet (beyond that promise of a July launch), but Playstation Plus members will apparently get a discount.

Sony also announced that Vue will be expanding to LA and San Francisco from today. Now we just have to believe there will be a late-in-the-day announcement that the service is imminently coming to the UK. We can hope, right?