Post Office Mobile Starts Selling PAYG SIMs

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Post Office has launched a new mobile service in the UK, opting to call it Post Office Mobile. When you've got a brand name that ingrained in UK culture, you don't change anything.

Don't go expecting to see subsidised iPhone 6s and enormous Android models stacked up alongside the brown tape and envelopes, though, as it's starting things off very simply -- only a SIM is available from POM right now.

Post Office Mobile will sell its SIMs with one simple pricing structure too, to make it all easy to understand. Calls to landlines and mobiles cost 8p per minute, with a 10p cost to send a text message, while data is 10p per MB if you get caught short.

There are, of course, some bundles available. A £5 top-up lasts for 30 days and gets users 500MB of mobile data, 250 free calling minutes and 3,000 SMS messages, with a top-end £20 purchase taking that up to a vast 5GB/1000min option. They auto-renew every 30 days, so one could be bought and forgotten.

It has Emergency SIM To Keep In The Car written all over it, as long as you live/park in an area with good EE coverage, as that's the network the Post Office is using to provide its mobile services. [Post Office Mobile via Engadget]