Pranksters Build "Fridgehenge" to Celebrate Summer Solstice

By James O Malley on at

If you couldn't make it to Stonehenge over the weekend to celebrate the summer solstice, then this could have been the next best thing. A fridge homage to the stone monolith has appeared in Maidstone, Kent.

Fridgehenge, as it has obviously become known, was later claimed by Kevin Wildeman and Paul Stone, who operate a white-goods business. Kent Online quotes Kevin as saying "I thought it would be a good idea given the solstice was coming, so I went out at 3am and built it using about 30 fridges lying around in the yard."

"It took about three hours and I had to ask Paul for help as it was quite hard work. It's fully bolted down."

There were reports of people even using Fringehenge for a stand-in for the real thing yesterday.

Apparently it will eventually be taken down, so if you want to sacrifice anything to the god of white goods, better get down there fast. [Kent Online]

Image Credit: Kent Online.