Radio 1 "Not Scared" of Apple Music Beats 1 Radio

By Gary Cutlack on at

The boss of our youth-focussed national radio station doesn't think Apple's about to come along and eat his packed lunch, with Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper seeming to relish the enhanced profile that listening to rolling music is going to get, now Apple's trying to pretend it's just invented the idea of live radio and DJs talking between songs.

Cooper thinks what Apple's got is a "very specialist offering" at the moment, one that's a bit too niche to battle the variety offered by existing radio stations. He was interviewed by his own people yesterday, and explained: "'A rising tide lifts all boats' is the expression, and I think it's good for the radio industry that a tech company so used to changing the way we operate as human beings - with iPads and smartphones - wants to do radio. Having a presenter tell you 'this is the next big tune that you need in your life' is so much more engaging and exciting than a streaming device."

He's not convinced that three DJs covering hip hop, grime and whatever solid-gold hits Zane Lowe used to play is enough to win the world over, adding: "They've got a 24/7 global radio station and at the moment they've only announced three presenters. There's a lot of content they'll need to fill those hours, and who makes the best music radio content in the world? The BBC - so I'm looking forward to that call from Zane soon." [BBC]