Roving Robotic Beds are the Best Way to Commute While You Sleep

By Bryan Lufkin on at

We’ve all fantasised about sleeping comfortably on the way to work. And now, thanks to a new robot on exhibit in London, you can go anywhere without leaving your (robotic, moving) bed.

Starting this week at London’s Southbank Centre’s Hayward Gallery, Belgian artist Carsten Höller offers you the chance to spend a night in the museum and crash out on his mechanical furniture. For those guests who paid the £300 to book both beds (they’re already sold out), they’ll enjoy access to the rest of Höller’s art, free tea, and “a set of dream-enhancing toothpastes to induce and influence male- and female-oriented dreams.”

Suspect toothpaste aside, the project is somewhat reminiscent of Tate Modern’s “After Dark” event, which allowed users to view the gallery’s art from the POV of camera-wearing robots that roamed the halls at night.

Roving Robotic Beds Are the Best Way To Commute While You Sleep

The robo beds also remind me of the amazing chair-mobile from Roundhouse, Nickelodeon’s early ‘90s sketch show that millennials of a certain age might remember:

[Southbank Centre via Boing Boing]

Top image: Southbank Centre; second image: SC Facebook