Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to Switch to USB-C?

By James O Malley on at

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will support the new USB-C standard, if rumours are accurate.

GforGames reports that Samsung employees on Chinese social network Weibo have been whispering about the upgrade, which would replace the Micro-USB port.

USB-C is an emerging standard and has so far been seen on only a handful of devices, including the new Apple Macbook and Google's Chromebook Pixel. The expectation is that all of the major manufacturers will make the switch over the next few years.

What's clever about USB-C is that it not only enables faster data transfer rates, but it can also be used to send or draw power in either direction (for example, we could soon have our phones powering gadgets that are plugged into them), and the standard can even be used to connect your device to a monitor.

Whether the Note 5 will take advantage of all of these features remains to be seen but at least one thing is, mercifully, for certain: the new lead will work both ways up, so no more switching around the USB to make sure it is plugged in the right way around. [GforGames]