Sandra Bullock's Lawyers Kick Off "Sex Tape" Frenzy With Domain Shopping Spree

By Gary Cutlack on at

Lawyers acting on behalf of actor Sandra Bullock have been signing up porn-related domain extensions on her behalf, it seems, with and now in the bag, should she ever fancy ditching the method acting in favour of something a little more gonzo and grimier.

The idea of this being some sort of preemptive domain-buying spree comes from Bullock fan Eric Mack over at Cnet, who spent his weekend in a haze of Sandra-related porn domain fantasies.

Mack's doomsday scenario for Bullock is as follows: The .adult and .porn domains are not yet ready for public purchasing, with only current owners of .xxx names able to sign them up at this stage. This means someone already owns the name, with Whois data suggesting it's registed by Charles Harder of law firm Harder, Mirell & Abrams -- a company that represents Bullock.

"CASE CLOSED!" Mack presumably exclaimed to himself while planting a kiss on his Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous poster upon making this discovery, before having one final look around the torrent sites for Sandra sex tapes before bed. The implication is that either Bullock's people are preparing for some sex-tape bombshell to drop, or her legal team has been ordered to preemptively order everything on a "just in case" basis.

Something the grim footballers perhaps should've done, before popping off on their bizarre high-fiving sex holiday. [Cnet]

Image credit: Sandra Bullock from Shutterstock