Scammers Cash in on Alton Towers Roller Coaster Crash With Dodgy Videos

By Gerald Lynch on at

Why you'd be wanting to look at the aftermath of last week's horrific Alton Towers roller coaster crash in the first place is beyond me but, if you insist on tracking down a video of the accident, well...just don't. All you're likely to come away with is computer malware.

Fake videos, claiming to show footage of the crash, are circulating on social media sites, disguised as links to YouTube clips. Though many are being flagged as spam by browsers, some are slipping through the net. Each requests a social share before the video will be "revealed", but only ever redirects the viewer to a survey, which requests personal information and earns the scammers some money for every click harvested. In some instances, dodgy installs are also being offered alongside the surveys.

"As with all of these scams, the people behind it will make money each time a survey offer is completed, said Malwarebyte's Christopher Boyd on the security company's blog.

"The last time we saw someone profiting from a tragedy in this way was when we wrote about fake Flight MH17 missile pages, but you can guarantee similar efforts will be online the moment another disaster strikes.

"Racking up some quick cash from a survey scam is a bottom-rung, quick and easy technique to pull off. Unfortunately, low technical ability and a lack of ethics has never been a barrier to increasing a bank account."

For more on how to avoid getting targeted by the scammers, hit the source. [Malwarebytes]