Sex Pistols Virgin Credit Cards are the Least Punk Thing Ever

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Money suggests you might be able to "Bring a bit of rebellion to your wallet" by choosing one of three original Sex Pistols artwork designs for your future credit card, including one that has "Bollocks" written across it in finest 1970s stenciling.

Once you've chosen the punk design that resonates with you the most, it's down to the business of selecting an APR via the option of a balance transfer or a straightforward purchasing plan -- ideas that were immortalised forever in the Pistols' 1977 pro-consumerist anthem Daddy Bought Me A Flat In Kensington So I Don't Really Need A Job.

The link with Virgin is of historical importance for music fans, seeing as it was Richard Branson's label that released the Pistols' only studio album in 1977. The art on offer includes the actual cover from the album Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols, meaning any ageing punks can pay for their shopping at Waitrose in a vaguely anarchic manner by handing over something with a slightly rude word on it.

Michele Greene, director of cards at Virgin Money, said, presumably seriously: "For a long time now, UK banks have all been the same. They have the same products, the same services and the same attitude towards customers. At Virgin Money we are aiming to change that. In launching these cards we wanted to celebrate Virgin’s heritage and difference. The Sex Pistols challenged convention and the established ways of thinking – just as we are doing today in our quest to shake up UK banking." [Virgin Money]