Shenmue 3? Final Fantasy VII Remake? The Last Guardian? Sony's E3 Show Had it All

By Gerald Lynch on at

In this age of leaks and rumours, it can be hard for a company, whether their wares be games, tech or even a new football strip, to keep their "next big thing" under wraps. Sony, ahead of its big E3 conference last night, had a distinct advantage -- the things it was about to reveal had been rumoured many times before, but were so unbelievable as to always be instantly dismissed as fanboy dreaming aloud.

But no. A Final Fantasy VII remake. Shenmue 3. The Last Guardian. Sony's E3 show had it all.

First, The Last Guardian. Stuck in development hell for years, the ambitious boy-and-his-mythical-bird-dog game has been rebuilt from the ground up for PS4, saving from the grave what many expected to be a defining PS3 moment and elevating it with modern graphical flourishes:

It's coming out next year.

Then Final Fantasy VII, remade for current-gen consoles. Perhaps the most well-loved JRPG of all time, there have been calls for it to be updated for modern consoles pretty much...well, since there were consoles newer than the original PlayStation it debuted on. Now it's finally happening:

No release date yet (I'd expect this is a long, long time away) but it'll be coming to PlayStation first (which suggests it'll be coming to PC and Xbox in time, too).

Finally Shenmue 3. Shenmue was one of the Dreamcast's most revolutionary games -- an adventure thriller that had you living out the day-to-day life of its hero, as well as roughing up bad guys and tracking down clues. It's sequel had been left on a 14 year cliffhanger but now its story looks set to finally have a conclusion. Series creator Yu Suzkui showed off Shenume 3 during Sony's conference:

Yes, it's a Kickstarter (looking to attract a relatively modest $2,000,000 -- a target it's already three quarters of the way towards fulfilling), and yes it still looks like a Dreamcast game (and sounds like one too -- seems like they only recorded one iterations of "yeah"), but for fans of the long-dead series, it'll be like uncovering a long-lost chapter to a well-loved book. It's headed to both PS4 and PC.

What has to be remembered here is that genuinely only in the wildest dreams of gamers did they expect to see any of the above. They're the sort of announcements that people clamour for, knowing they're probably well out of reach. It's three Steve Jobs "one more thing" moments in a night.

Watch the whole conference below. You can almost smell the fanboy overload in the crowd. It's a great day to be a gamer.