Snapchat is Adding Two-Factor Authentication, Finally

By Chris Mills on at

Snapchat’s security problems (and the company’s rather laid-back approach to fixing them) are infamous. But as of the latest version of the app, everyone’s favourite sexting app is making a big step in the right direction, thanks to the addition of an SMS log-in verification.

The two-factor system works exactly as you’d expect, sending a text with a verification message to your cellphone whenever you log in from a new device. Given that enabling two-factor authentication is probably the best thing you can do to improve your security, you should probably go do that right now. (Settings —> Login Verification)

It’s part of a broader drive towards building a more secure Snapping platform, which has so far seen the company introduce a bug bounty program, and hire Google’s social network security guru to fix Snapchat’s security problems.

In other news, version 9.9 also includes the ability to double-tap to change cameras mid-Snap, and special battery filters to inform your friends when you’re “juicing up”. [The Register]