Sorry Android Users, You Don't Get Free Apple Music

By Chris Mills on at

At launch, Apple Music will come with two main tiers: free, with extremely limited functionality, and the $10/$15 (UK prices TBC) per month paid options. Unless, that is, you use a Droid.

Apple Music coming to Android is a big deal. It shows that Apple is committed to making Apple Music a successful standalone project; it’s also a tacit acknowledgement that Android is a very real player in the smartphone world, and not just the butt of Tim Cook’s jokes at the WWDC keynote.

But Apple isn’t quite willing to sacrifice everything to make its music streaming service a success. While iOS users will get a free tier, mostly allowing users to listen to the Beats 1 radio station and other Apple Music radio stations (with limited skipping), that option won’t be available to Android users.

That’s quite a major footnote to Apple’s generosity. Consider Spotify, which has around 60 million subscribers, 45 million of whom are on the free tier; or US-only Pandora, which focuses more on radio stations, has just 4 per cent of its users on the premium tier. [Six Colors]