South London "Rat Plague" Stopping Royal Mail Deliveries

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Royal Mail has ordered it's posties not to deliver to certain addresses in London Road, Streatham, due to an apparent plague of rats and filth making it too unhealthy to risk walking down.

14 houses have had their deliveries stopped, with the Royal Mail saying it's asked Croydon Council to clean up the mess -- to no avail. The post office's Sally Hopkins said: "Royal Mail can confirm that we have temporarily suspended deliveries to 12 properties in London Road, Streatham SW16 from Saturday 6 June as the road is badly littered with rubbish, which has attracted many rats. We wrote to customers on 5 June to explain this, and to outline alternative ways they could receive their mail in the meantime."

Croydon Council says it's trying to badger the takeaway businesses responsible for the mess to clean their acts up, saying: "We are fully aware of this problem and despite some local shops being warned about not securing and disposing of their food waste properly, this is still happening. We are in the process of clearing up the area as a priority. Those that have acted irresponsibly could be looking at prosecution or a bill from the council for the clean-up."

In the meantime, people who live in the unusually stinky street have to pick up their car insurance spam and Amazon parcels from the local post office. [Standard]