Squatting Woman Hospitalised by Skinny Jeans

By Gary Cutlack on at

A woman who wore trousers a bit too tight for her own good ended up being hospitalised after the blood flow to her legs was cut off -- causing swelling, numbness and nerve damage. Bring back the bootcut option for our own good.

The 35-year-old woman's legs were so swollen her trousers had to be cut off, with the Journal of Neurology publishing the details of the case to serve as some sort of warning to the rest of us about wearing clothes that are a bit too tight to make our bottoms look nice.

The story goes that she was helping a friend to move house, a job that involved lots of squatting to empty cupboards. This put additional strain on the legs and joints which, further restricted by the fabric, caused her legs to go all wrong. She fell over on her way home and was eventually rescued after spending a few hours on the road, needing four days of care and rest before being able to walk freely again.

Doctors from the Royal Adelaide said: "The wearing of ‘skinny’ jeans had likely potentiated the tibial neuropathies by causing a compartment syndrome as the lower legs swelled," a posh way of saying they did her legs in. [Sky]

Image credit: Skinny trousers from Shutterstock