Tesla Ramps Up Supercharger Production at UK Motorway Services

By James O Malley on at

Tesla has announced plans to expand its "Supercharger" network across the UK, by adding them at seven more motorway service stations, with more to come. Meanwhile, rivals Ecotricity has just announced that it is installing charging points at Land's End and John O'Groats, enabling electric motorists to do "LEJOG".

Superchargers are designed to let Tesla owners charge up their cars in minutes instead of hours, with the ability to fill a Model S battery to 50 per cent in 20 minutes. The new units mean that it is apparently now possible to conceivably drive from Edinburgh to Venice or from Tenby to Trieste without killing the planet.

It also brings the total up to 68 superchargers in Britain across 22 locations. Ecotricity meanwhile has 250 "Electricity Pumps" over 150 locations.

According to Engadget the news comes following the settling of a dispute between Tesla and Ecotricity, which is another supplier of electric car charging stations. Like all of the best rivalries, they started out as partners, but quickly descended into accusing each other of going behind the other's back: Tesla was apparently trying to do deals for Supercharger sites without cutting Ecotricity into the deal, and Ecotricity was apparently using its position as the dominant British supplier to try to cut Tesla off. But this now appears to be water under the bridge.

No doubt electric car owners are feeling "charged up" by these new announcements, and will be physically repulsed by that weak pun.