The Best Motorcycle Helmet is One That Looks Like a Shaved Head

By Gerald Lynch on at

Though you'd want them first and foremost to look after your brain box in the event of a high speed crash, the very best motorcycle helmet designs always have a bit of artistic flair to go along with their protective capabilities. However, Dubai-based artist Jyo John Mullor's crash helmet concepts are just genius – designed to look like a super-realistic shaved human head, popping one of these on alongside your leathers would be like wearing nothing on your head at all.

"All my life I have always been a passionate motorcyclist," explains Mullor website.

"I love everything about motorbiking but the helmets. The most uncomfortable gear you could ever wear. But a helmet had its pros, so you could never ignore it. Imagine a protective gear that’s so comfortable that you feel you never wore one."

With that in mind, Mullor went about creating a noggin guard that snugly fitted and looked, quite literally, just like a second skin. Taking existing helmet designs as a reference point, Mullor then took high resolution photos of models and went about applying the surfaces of their bald heads to renders of the real-world helmet shapes.

Originally only seeing the Project:HumanHelmet as a concept design, Mullor now states that "some manufactures have already shown interest in launching a line of helmets under this design umbrella," meaning that, while you can't currently rock up to the traffic lights wearing one of these, you may see them popping up in motorcycle shops soon enough. In the case of a physical product release, it'd be great to have custom versions built, sending in a reference photo set that expertly matches your skin tone to the shell of the helmet exterior. [Jyo.Dunked]

best motorcycle helmet

best motorcycle helmet