The Best YouTube Channel for Film Nerds

By Bryan Lufkin on at

Okay, you’re reading Gizmodo, so there’s a good chance you’re a tech nerd. But are you a double-whammy tech and film nerd? If so, scope out CineFix, a YouTube channel brimming with videos about the movie world, from CGI to stunts to DIY 8-bit Hollywood remakes.

Chances are you’ve at least stumbled upon one of their videos. The channel has a million subscribers and has been around since 2006, an eternity in YouTube time. But in case you’re uninitiated, allow us to start your weekend off right.

You’ve of course got your “Top 10” lists. Like this one that counts down the biggest advancements in visual effects since the early 2000s, from motion capture to how Gravity perfected the use of light:

The channel’s “Homemade” series reshoots movie trailers with a lot of papier-mâché, mouth-made “whooooosh” sound effects and other low-budget DIY techniques:

Kinda like our favorite DIY laser builders on YouTube, CineFix suggests projects like replicating the Plasma Cutter from Dead SpaceA Hollywood prop master shows you how to make the video game weapon.

There’s the greatest movie sets ever and how they were made, from Waterworld to The Lego Movie.

Another series, “What’s the Difference?,” picks apart discrepancies between franchises that span multiple media. Like, how do the anime and manga of cyberpunk classic Akira differ?

Last, but absolutely not least, their series of home-grown, NES-style movie “remakes.” Like this Mega Man-style Iron Man. We also recommend Jurassic Park in glorious 2D.