The Crystal Maze is Returning as a Crowdfunded Interactive Theatre Experience

By James O Malley on at

Will you start the fans, please! It seems people have already started funding in droves as a new attempt to crowdfund an interactive Crystal Maze has raised over £230,000, which is almost half of what it needs, in just over a day.

The "Live Immersive Experience" is planned to take over a "space" near King's Cross in central London, and will see the classic Channel 4 show's four zones recreated – as well as the Crystal Dome, of course.

The project also has the blessing of original host Richard O'Brien, who will be appearing on videos watched by contestants at the start of their adventure. As teams enter the maze, a trained actor will play the presenter role, leading them through the different games, and presumably accompanying them with a harmonica.

The game won't be exactly like the one on TV. In this live-action variation, there will be four teams playing at once, one in each zone, who will then face off together in the Crystal Maze.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the production team is going with recreating the Industrial Zone, instead of the Aquatic one that replaced it, because dealing with all of that water might be a lot of faff. Almost half of the money is budgeted to go on recreating the Maze, so hopefully it should be pretty authentic too... though the creators have wisely decided to also include a bar area.

The team behind it sound as though it is certainly qualified to make it real: it includes Ben Hodges, who is one of the brains behind Secret Cinema, and Dean Rodgers who has a background in theatre and immersive games. Malcolm Heyworth, who was the original producer of the TV show is also on board.

You can find the IndieGogo page here. We're presume if it doesn't get fully funded there is an automatic lock-in.