The iPhone 6S Plus Might Have a 2K screen

By James O Malley on at

We're not expecting Apple to announce any new iPhones until around September, but that doesn't stop the rumour mill from churning out fresh material almost constantly. Today's rumour-du-jour is that according to Feng, a Chinese website, claiming the seemingly inevitable iPhone 6S Plus will come with a high resolution 2K screen.

TechRadar reports that if true it would see Apple's handset match its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which also has a high resolution display. 2K displays run at 2048x1536 - compared to 1920x1080 in normal 1080p HD. Whether you'll notice a difference on a relatively small phone screen remains to be seen.

Screens aside, the 6S (or iPhone 7, or whatever Apple decides to call its larger-screened phone) is also expected to come supporting "Force Touch" technology that will figure out how hard on the screen you're pressing - which could enable secondary functionality on screen presses (a bit like right clicking on a mouse).

Other iPhone rumours include the possibility that Apple is working on an iPhone 6 Mini - to once again offer a smaller form-factor than the iPhone 6.

Of course - as with all rumours this should be taken with an appropriate serving of salt until we receive something resembling confirmation, but it would make sense for Apple. Though the company doesn't mind its hardware not quite being on the bleeding edge, it certainly likes to keep pace, and by the time a likely October rolls around, screens larger than HD will be much more mature (and thus reliable/affordable) than they were when the Note 4 was released in Autumn last year.