The "Shift Sneaker" Could be the Future of Footwear

By James O Malley on at

Could shoes of the future change colour using an app? That's what "creative technology company" Rehabstudio is suggesting in an intriguing concept for the trainers of the future.

The "Shift Sneaker" is envisaged as using materials that currently only have industrial applications, to turn the surface of the shoe into a display. For example, Woven LED strips could apparently act as "malleable flexi screens" to display designs and conductive fibres that can pass electrical pulses, detect touch and guard against static. The company also suggests that "thermochromic" fabrics could use chemical micro-reactions to change colour with changes in temperature.

The company says two examples of even more sci-fi fibres include "shape memory" so you can sculpt the shoes to meet your needs and metamaterials, which can apparently bend light and adapt to other variables. All very impressive-sounding stuff.

It also envisages the shoe-equivalent of an app store (a "shoe shop"?) which would enable users to select designs for their shoes.

Of course, it is worth remembering that none of this actually exists yet – it is basically just some ideas – but this sort of futurology could be important, as it may well inspire the actual industry big-names to get developing these technologies.