The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ah June, a busy busy month that mostly boils down to E3. That's right, it's upon us again, and this year there are about five billion press conferences going on. Is anyone going to watch them all? I know I will, but only because I have to. I would not have stayed up until 5am just to watch Bethesda's press conference. Fallout 4 be damned. It does look incredible though.

Anyway, let's get down to app-based business.

iPhone Apps

Flags: Have you ever looked at your phone and thought, "I wish I could send people mini pictures of flags in text messages." No? Well then, Flags isn't for you. It is literally a keyboard extension for your phone that lets you type out in flags, rather than words. [Free]

dot: This one is for finding and sharing points of interest on a map, without having to jump through a host of hoops to get it done. Dot Lets you place points of interest on a map with, you guessed it, a dot. It doesn't matter what it is either. It could be a nice place to sit down and watch the world go buy, or a great restaurant. [Free]

Onelife Baby: This one is an app that will help users get through pregnancy safely. It helps you identify any possible complications and offers medical advice and recommendations to help you along the way. [Free]

Snapchat: Image- and video-sharing app Snapchat hasn't had a great history when it comes to user security, so the latest update does a little bit to help that. Now, whenever you log in from a new device, you'll get a text verifying that you are On top of that there are new filters, and a double tap command that'll switch cameras for you. [Free]

Google Maps: Apple is working on updating Apple Maps, but Google is still the top dog and keeps rolling out updates to its iOS app. This latest version makes ditching the browser version much easier, by letting you send directions from your Mac to your phone. It also lets you edit business hours and view all the places you've reviewed. [Free]

Fallout Shelter: I've never been too fond of mobile games announced at E3, but I'll make an exception. Fallout Shelter comes from Bethesda, and puts you in charge of one of Fallout's infamous vaults. You start from scratch, and slowly work on expanding the vault and populating with people. It seems to be filled with your standard Fallout humour, but you'll be glad to hear that there are no pay-to-skip cooldown timers. Halle-bloody-lujah. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

iPad Apps

Eurosport Player: Do you like sport, but not the stuff that's generally covered on Sky and terrestrial channels? If you fancy ditching your TV, Eurosport Player is a subscription service that gives you full access to all the Eurosport channels. That's the live broadcasts, and the on-demand services. [Free -- with subscription]

Loopimal: One for the kids, Loopimal is an app that lets them create their own handmade animations and introduces them into the world of sequencing. There are many different sounds, movements, and rhythms to choose from, and even gesture controls. The possibilities are endless. [£2.49]

Hotel Tonight: This is an app for finding yourself a decent deal on a hotel room at very short notice, mainly stuff available that night. There are some brand new features in this latest version, including 'Escape', which helps you find the best deals within driving distance and 'Geo-rates' which helps you get even better deals on nearby hotels. [Free]

Dark Sky: Tired of the same old boring weather apps? Give Dark Sky a try. The main focus of this one is that it can show you what the weather is like an hour in advance, so you can plan accordingly if you're popping out for a bit. It's also got some incredible animations, letting you follow weather-fronts on screen. [£2.29]

Transistor: Transistor has been incredibly well received on PC and PlayStation, so it makes sense that it would eventually arrive on iOS. It's a science fiction RPG, and you have to traverse the futuristic city with a weapon of mysterious origin to discover its former owners. It even has iCloud integration so you can play across your devices. [£7.99]

Android Apps

Flipd: Chronic procrastinator? Always messing on your phone instead of doing your work? You need Flipd. Flipd lets you lock up your phone for a set period of time so that you actually get things done. That means no Facebook, no texting, and an auto-reply so people don't get worried about you. What's more, Flipd With Others lets you lock out your friends and family out of their phones. [Free]

Kamcord: Some phones let you record what's happening on screen, but there are plenty that do not. If your device is one of the latter, and you want to capture some of your gameplay fun, Kamcord is the app for you. No rooting is required, you can share your videos with the wider community, and you can even record your own running commentary. [Free]

Navmii GPS World: Navmii is an app that uses the community to power the mapping and real-time traffic information. It's similar to Waze, but it's perfect if you'd rather you got your directions from a service not owned by Google. It has everything you need, including hundreds of points of interest, offline directions in dozens of countries across the world, and more. [Free]

Pickle: Every now and then you need help with the little things. Your car battery might be flat, you might be peckish for ice cream but can't leave the house, or maybe you need help shifting stuff around. You can't always rely on the kindness of friends and family, so Pickle is here to help you get out of a pickle. You generally have to pay for the help you get, but the 'fixers' get to bid for jobs – so it all stays nice and competitive. [Free]

Glastonbury Festival 2015: The end of the month sees the start of the annual Glastonbury Festival, and EE is back to make the festival-going experience easier. That includes maps, the full festival line-up, up-to-date information, live-streamed shows, and the option to see which of your friends are going to be there as well. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

Wish: Want to buy popular things, but don't want to pay the obscene retail prices? Why make the trip to TK Maxx when you can just go on your phone? Wish offers you the chance to buy things with 50-80 per cent off the RRP, whether it's fashion, electronics, or accessories. Finding yourself a bargain couldn't be any easier. [Free]

Opera Mini: Opera's lightweight browser has finally made it out of beta on Windows Phone, so you can all enjoy a proper speedy mobile experience. Opera Mini promises to use up less data without ruining your online browsing, navigation optimised to match up with the Windows Phone interface, and a focus on security and data privacy.

OneLocker: Password Managers are an important tool for keeping your accounts secure, but they can seem fairly intimidating. One Locker is a simple one for you top use on your Windows Phone. It's all heavily encrypted, allows guest access to saved info, the option to share info via QR code, and so on. [Free]

Threes!: No doubt you've heard about Threes, the game where you have to add together multiples of three and get the highest score possible. A nice little update will make it even better to enjoy the game. It's been optimised for battery, so it won't drain the power from your phone, and compatibility with 512MB memory devices.

Pushile: Once you start using Pushbullet, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. There's no official Windows Phone version, but fortunately people are willing to step up to the plate. Pushile offers everything you need from Pushbullet, letting you transfer files links, and notes between all of your devices. [Free]