The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

You know that feeling you get when you flick through hundreds of TV channels, but still determine that nothing is on? It's worse when you take the internet into the equation, isn't it? All that content, yet you still sit aimlessly scrolling through programmes to try and figure out how to waste your time. I can't help but think how that's going to change in the future. Can it change? Who knows.

But enough of the random musings of the far future and modern entertainment. Here's this week's list of apps.

iPhone Apps

Cameo: An offering from the folks over at Vimeo, Cameo is a lightweight video editing tool for you to easily edit and share your own videos without having to even think about sitting at a computer. You can import clips from your camera roll, trim them together, and in a few clicks you have a lovely professional-looking video. [Free]

Happn: Dating apps are all the rage, and Happn is one that lets you connect with people that you happen to be passing on the street. Every time you walk past them, their profile appears on your timeline letting you chat. It's just been updated, and that brings Spotify integration with it. Pin songs to your profile, send them to your matches, and discover songs from other people. You don't even need a Spotify account to do it. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Picjoy: With apps like Google Photos hitting our phones, automatically organised photos are now the 'in' thing. Picjoy is a very similar service for the iPhone, letting you organise your photos in a way that lets you find them quickly. It's not cloud storage, but it does connect to your accounts to pull all of your photos into one place. Plus, unlike some other services out there this one lets you contextualise your photos for easy access. [Free]

Quokky: An app dedicated to keeping your personal documents safe, and easy to get hold of by pulling documents from your camera, Dropbox, and Google Drive. What's more it will also remind you of due dates for invoices and bills, as well as offering spaces for retrieving warranties, contracts, statements, and more. [Free]

Localscope: One of the great things about smartphones is that you can find anything and everything regardless of where you are (provided there's signal). Localscope is an app specifically geared towards finding things in the world around you, based on your geographical location. That information is pulled in from multiple sources, so it acts as a hub of sorts to make sure you know what's what. Heck, as of the latest version you can even book an Uber in-app. [£2.49]

iPad Apps

Editorial: A great plain-text editor for your iPad, Editorial is powerful tool to help you type and edit text on the go. It's just been updated with a bunch of new features, and those include hiding (or 'folding'), which lets you hide work as you go, customisable document templates, quick settings, and many more. [£7.99]

Artstack: Art lover? Bet you wish there was an easy way to discover new art, without having to visit galleries across the globe. There is, it's an app called Artstack. It's an online museum of sorts, with a feed of artwork for you to enjoy. But it's not just about finding art, it's a bit pointless if you can't enjoy it again and again. So you can, by adding anything you like to your own personal collection. [Free]

Uncover: We all love to eat out, and as many people have said, spontaneity is the spice of life (don't they?). So it kind of makes sense that people like to combine the two, but how can you get a reservation somewhere nice at the last minute? That's where Uncover comes into play, provided you're only looking in London. What it has ranges from tiny local eateries, to upscale Michelin-star restaurants. Check it out, there's bound to be something for you. [Free]

Parkopedia Parking: This one is a comprehensive guide to finding a parking space, all based on information from the general public. This has just been updated, and now it makes it even easier and faster to find a place to park. There's even the option to share things like photos and reviews. Oh and premium members can get updated information in real time, along with a load of other benefits. [Free -- with optional subscription]

Festvl: It's summer, which means it's festival season once again. If you're planning on going to any number of festivals this summer, you'll need some help. Festvl has everything you need, including line-ups, festival information, the ability to create your own personal schedule, and a 'discover' feature that sends you to up-and-coming artists on Spotify and iTunes. Of course signal might be sketchy when you get there, so Festvl has an offline mode to make sure you're in the loop. [Free]

Android Apps

Portal: Pushbullet is a fantastic tool for transferring links and text between your devices, and now that idea is being used to transfer files with Portal. The devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi network, but once you connect them you can use a drag-and-drop system to move things between your devices without the need for a pesky USB cable. [Free]

Adobe Photoshop Mix: A great little app for editing and enhancing your photos on the go, with all the basic tools you'd need from any Photoshop software. Change colours, cut out images, combine images, instant back-ups to Adobe's Creative Cloud, and the ability to instantly share your creations on social media. All that, and your original images aren't ruined. [Free -- with subscription]

CloudPlayer by doubleTwist: You can't always keep your music stored on a single device, which is why cloud players are a thing. That said, there are a lot of cloud services out there, and that's where CloudPlayer comes in. CloudPlayer creates a jukebox of sorts, grabbing all your music regardless of where it's kept. So whether it's on your device, or stored in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive account, you can access the lot. [Free]

Kodi: The app that was once known as XBMC has had a bit of a change, but it's still the same open-source media player you know and love. This also means a brand new user interface, designed to be easy to use and navigate regardless of where you're actually sourcing your media. All it takes is a few taps of a button. [Free]

Pounce: There are plenty of apps that help you compare prices online, many of which will scan the barcode. How many of them will identify an item using a picture of it, though? Pounce does, and all you have to do is snap a picture for it to find where you can buy it online. Then you can choose to buy it, or leave it for another time. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

BitTorrent Shoot: What's to be done if you want to send large photos or video files to other people? Email's no good, and cloud storage isn't exactly secure. If this is a problem that faces you regularly, you should give BitTorrent Shoot a try. It uses BitTorrent peer-to-peer connections, so file sizes aren't an issue, and you can send to anyone you like, regardless of the device they use. All they have to do is scan a QR code and the app'll do its magic. [Free]

Perfect TimeKit: A simple app that combines a stopwatch, alarm clock, and world clock into one easy-to-use app that's visually appealing. All the individual components are fairly self explanatory, but if you're bored of the built-in versions then this is a decent alternative. [Free]

Whisper Notes: This one is a note-taking app with a bit of social networking thrown in for good measure. Not only can you jot down notes and be safe in the knowledge that they're backed up, you can also share them with the world if you feel like it. Share holiday tips, recipes, or even your shopping list. [Free]

Perfect Dictionary: A fully comprehensive dictionary on your phone, offering a huge number of words from over 50 different languages. Perfect Dictionary will give you automatic suggestions as you type, audio pronunciations, and the option to mark favourites. [Free]

HTC Sense TV: So, what's the deal with the TV remote? They run on un-rechargeable batteries, they always get lost, and you need about seven of them to run all your stuff. Why can't your phone do all that? Well most phones don't have IR, but that's hardly the point because the HTC One M8 does. This app will combine your TV, TV box, and home cinema remotes into one easy-to-use place, and saving you all the hassle of actual remote controls. [Free]